Who are we?​

A small, motivated team of users and manufacturers of useful, packaging-free alternatives!​

We are a young Belgian brand focused on the development and production of sustainable, environmentally friendly and ethically produced products.

Local (that means Belgian, French or European) raw materials and manufacturers are preferred whenever possible.

All the textile confections are made by several sheltered workshops in Belgium. Thanks to their experience and know-how, we are able to offer you solid and high quality articles with a positive social impact.

We always give priority to quality, promote the reuse of our products and refuse the whole concept of "disposable" products.​

Each everyday consumer product has a sustainable alternative and we aim to make it accessible to everyone at a fair price.​

And for the cherry on top, we reject programmed obsolescence by offering​ a life-long guarantee on our products. It's incredibly simple: your product is worn, tired, unstuck, in short unusable in this state. Well, we replace it for free!​

You bring us back your product, ship it, or drop it off, and we send you a brand new one. Well, you still have to pay the shipping costs because we are not good old Croesus, but we will ship the replacement product to Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg free of charge.

What do we do with the returned products? If possible, we repair them or recycle them into a new manufacturing process. If not, they enter the industrial composting chain.